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Blanchard Family Wines, Russian River Valley, CA

Aromatic and medium-bodied white with refreshing notes of apricot and peach.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 35

Blanchard Family Wines, Box Bar Vineyard, CO

A perfect representation of Colorado Riesling; dry and crisp with touches of apricot, and peach.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 35

Restoration, Grand Valley, CO

Medium bodied, tropical with a little earthiness and finished with balanced acid.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 35

The Storm Cellar, Grand Valley, CO

This aromatic white wine is crafted in a classic Alsatian style. Silky in texture, our bone-dry Gewürztraminer shows notes of white flowers, lychee fruit, Meyer lemon, and exotic spices. It's perfect as an aperitif or when paired with richer, savory cuisine.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 35


Field Blend Rosé
Carlson Vineyards, Grand Valley, CO

This is what happens when you love how the grapes look for both Blaufränkisch and Riesling at the same vineyard, but you're not sure there will be enough of either to produce much on its own, so you throw them both through the de-stemmer and the press together.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 30


Colorado Sparkling Blanc De Noirs
The Ordinary Fellow, Grand Valley, CO

Aromas of raw almonds, fresh strawberries, macerated cherries and brioche. The palate is lively and focused with bright acidity.
$  5 / $ 12 / $ 40


Petite Pearl
Blanchard Family Wines, Grand Valley, CO

A hybrid varietal, specifically crafted for our climate. This light bodied red, has a touch of sweetness to bridge the gap for our new wine drinkers, as welll as provide something different for our savvy veterans.
$  5 / $ 11 / $ 35

Colorado Red Blend
Blanchard Family Wines, Grand Valley, CO

This Petit Verdot and Mourvedre blend has vanilla and cherry on the nose with a light fruit start, but a strong, bold finish.
$  5 / $ 12 / $ 45

Cabernet Sauvignon
Blanchard Family Wines, Alexander Valley, CA

Big, bold, dark, and rich, with hints of green pepper on the finish. This is what Sonoma Cab should be.
$  5 / $ 12 / $ 45

Red Blend - Can
Centennial Cellars, Grand Valley, CO

Primarily a Merlot/Syrah blend, fruit forward, but with good tannic structure. We lightly oaked this wine to give it roundness and some vanilla notes.
$  5 / $ 11

Stem Hard Ciders / Non-alcoholic Beverages

Hard Ciders

Ask your sales associate for our current rotating flavors.
$  7

San Pellegrino

Ask your sales associate for our current rotating flavors.
$  3


Get Plattered

Local meats and/or cheeses with crackers and accoutrements
$  15

Gourmet Popcorn
Kettle Head Popcorn

Kettle Corn or Colorado Pop
$  7

Fireside Smores

Cook smores, right at your table. Built for 2 people.
$  10

Ice Cream and Wine

Ask about our wine and ice cream package.
$  16

4-Chocolate Flight
The Chocolate Therapist

4 different flavored chocolates to create a fun pairing experience with your wines.
$  8
Gratuities are shared by employees.